UDP mavlink shim

Hello Michael, would it be possible to raise a bit the connection timeout on the UDP mavlink shim. Now it is at 30 seconds and when connecting trough 4G or IPMESH it times out often.

120 seconds would be great. Even better would be a public variable that users could set from a plugin, even if from source i understand plugins is loaded after the shim is already istanced.



Guess my question is useless :slight_smile:

the mavlink shim is only used to autoconnect on udp. (ie autoconnect on MP startup)

when using udp, MP will never timeout. so long as the original session resumes. (ie same udp stream from the drone)

I meant the autoconnect function. Could it be a bit longer? It almost always times out when connecting in 4g.
I think it could make no harm if a bit longer.

just want to clarify again.

you select UDP and then click connect? and then that 30 second wait?
you open MP, and it tries to auto connect?

I do not click connect, i would like to use the autoconnect feature but since i use an ipmesh solution or an LTE solution to connect and are both a bit slow to come up i would like to have MP listening a bit longer than 30 seconds as it is now.

Hope it is clear.

@Michael_Oborne can it be done? If not i’ll modify the source outside of the plugin.

@Michael_Oborne i went ahead and modified the source, thanks

I do plan in changing this, but am working on a larger part for mavlink, serial and video