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UC4H FC III: The UC4H Cube Carrier v0.2

(mike kelly) #1

Just a reminder that this is not my work, it is the brainchild of OlliW. It is posted here from his website for the convenience of Ardupilot readers.

UC4H FC III: The UC4H Cube Carrier v0.2
13. Mar. 2019

I’ve got the v0.2 Cube Carrier PCBs, and they are working perfectly. Very nice. However, they are not perfect :slightly_frowning_face: . I’ve put top-entry JST-GH connectors on it, but have failed to realize that they have reversed pin numbering compared to the side-entry JST-GH I was using so far … grrr. So, there will have to be a v0.3. This gives me opportunity to add some minor changes, but nevertheless: grrr.

For some of you the following pictures will reveal the purpose of the v0.2i version of the board :slightly_smiling_face:

(mike kelly) #2

The UC4H carrier with the IMX6 is a powerful, cheap, compact solution.