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UC: Duplicate Node

Hey @rmackay9 @tridge
Cube running latest Arducopter Master. I get Pre-arm due to UC:Duplicate Node. This happens when Here2 or any CAN device is connected.
Following is the screenshot where I had UAVCAN compass and it started to give this pre-arm.

Good day, did you flash the binaries I’ve sent you on your node

Hey Dave! I haven’t received it!
Where did you send? Mail/Message?

Good day, i post binaries file here… Mallikarjun_SE UC4H Mag calibration fails

Hey @Dave84
Bluepill I’m using has inadequate flash memory for flashing AP_Periph.
It is STM32F103C8T6 and has only 64K flash memory.

The mcu is a little bit out of date for new CAN purpose…, Just take a look for the new mRo can node with f303…

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with can node you can convert your gps in CAN gps… also i2c periph.
CAN BUS is better than i2c and UART… faster than i2c and Serial. CA BUS USE differential signals that are immune to any noise because one is negative and the other is positive, when there is noise they will cancel each other out by using a comparator

Yes. I’m aware of CAN nodes. I just didn’t want to spend such huge resource just for node. That’s why I went ahead with UC4H. Since I had lot of issues with UC4H, I went ahead and wrote my own code. I have the node working but only issue is I get “UC: Duplicate node message”
This message is popping up even with Proficnc Here2 GNSS. So was wondering what the issue is.

if you already have the UC4H you can flash the binaries i sent you…, following the instructions i gave you…

I just got this issue today on a new build using a CUAV nano v5. What’s strange is that I have the GPS/compass plugged into a CUAV cube and no issues.

I solved it by changing the node ID in the compass to something else.

Initially it was coming up as ID 116 and the conflict was with ID 116. It’s strange as I have no other CAN devices.

I connected the GPS to my babel board and used UAVCAN GUI to change it to 99.

Once I did that I have no other issues and the error is gone.

hi!! Im haveing the exact same problem!!! but I dont have a babel board… how can I fix the problem?

You can use the SLCAN functionality in your flight controller to take the place of the babel board

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