Ubuntu 16.04 - How to connect by way of UDP or TCP?

Hello all,

Successfully installed and turned up APM Planner v2.0.23 on Ubuntu 16.04.

I cannot find the place where you specify the TCP or UDP parameters to connect to the flight controller. On the windows version you could specify TCP or UDP setup under the “Communications” tab. I cannot find a similar Communications tab in the linux version.

Can I use TCP or UDP with the linux version?

Never mind; Just found it. When you roll over the upper left corner, a choice to go “advanced mode” appears, and that reveals the Communications tab. Excellent!



How you got it? Mine just allows serial connections.

Communication Tab>Add Link>UDP

i need tcp connection on port 23. this is not allowed? i cannot get it works.

I think you will find you will maybe need to run your app with admin privileges if you use port 23 or low number ports that are known internet services. port 23 being Telnet

You need to go to File->Advanced mode to see the menu to add TCP and other links from Communication->Add Link menu item