Ubuntu 16.04, Get "Error on socket:Connection refused" trying to connect to Navio2

I have APM Planner up and running on Ubuntu 16.04. When I attempt to connect to the flight controller (Navio2 on Rapsberry Pi 3) I get the “Error on socket:Connection refused” message.

I’ve disabled the firewall on the PC, added the IP address of the Pi to the /etc/hosts file, but still get the error.

I’ve searched the web for solutions but there are many complicated posts and I tried a few unsuccessfully then decided to come here and ask.

The same setup works connects using APM Planner 2 on Windows, but I need the linux version to work.

Can someone please tell me a solution for this frustrating situation?



Got it sorted - it was my fault as my Raspberry Pi had the same IP address as the PC running APM Planner. Sheesh.