uBlox NEO-M8N GPS precision?

I have the pixhawk 1, and I use the mission planner.
When i create a grid with 1m distance between lines, the rover is getting confused with the waypoints.
What is the precision of the GPS?
Any suggestions or advice regarding the values I need to set in the config parameters?
Any help will be appreciated and very welcome.

You do not explain what GPS receiver model and firmware version you use.

How are we supposed to guess that??

Ask better questions, to get better answers.

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On a rover not that great w/o RTK. Being on the ground is a lot different than in the air.

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pixhawk 1, latest firmware 4.22 i believe. the gps is from the pixhawk.

The pixhawk does not have a GPS. A very large number of models can be used. And a very large number of different models are sold with it.

Which one do you have?

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gps Ublox NEO-M8N GPS Module w/Compass for APM/Pixhawk

Not a bad one, but on a Rover probably +/- 4 m in most cases

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I improved the title a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

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thank you very much
what gps can i use to get a precision of less than a meter? any suggestions?

Did you perform the tuning steps? They need to be done in order but the Navigation Controller is critical to tune for Auto Mission performance.

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An expensive one. See my previous reply.

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yes i did tune everything
i tuned the accelerator and the compass

uBlox F9P in RTK mode with an helical antenna and a second uBlox F9P as a base station with a bigger antenna.

You can get them from Holybro for example. But be ready to spend at least 800€

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How about:

  1. Speed and throttle Controller
  2. Turn rate Controller
  3. Navigation Controller.
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i tried to find the optimum parameters myself, is there a way to tune them automatically?

No, Follow the Wiki.
Rover Tuning

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super expensive, i will definitely have a look at it
thank you very much

thank you i will do that for sure

Is there a way to program the rover without using GPS based only on distance and turns using degrees?
For example forward 50m, turn left 90 degrees, forward 5m, etc etc

Not really. That will be much less positionally accurate than a bad GPS signal. But check this out anyway.
Wheel Encoders

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