Ublox Neo-7M GPS problem?

Hi guys!

I have a pixhawk clone from HK and the Ublox Neo-7M GPS also from hobbyking:

hobbyking.com/hobbyking/stor … Mount.html

hobbyking.com/hobbyking/stor … odule.html

I installed everything, I’m using 3.1.5 and did the usual calibration things for the accel and the magnetometers, and then I performed a flight, it flew nicely, very smooth, then I tried loiter… and it started to do circles… so, toilet bowl…

Then I did the compassmot calibration, hoping that the problem was solved, but no luck, loiter is still doing larger and larger circles…

has anyone had some ideas of what could be the issue?? attached is the log my flight after compassmot.

thanks a lot!

Did you set it to 180 roll for the compass.

yes, when I click pixhawk with external compass it puts roll 180 automatically…

Got it working!!

It needs: none - 0

thats how to make it work :slight_smile: