Ublox Neo-6m gps problem


This is my first quad, and my first experience with APM so forgive my newbieness…

I bought a APM 3.1, the small square version, with a Ublox Neo-6m gps and compass. So far I have set it all up according to how it should be, but the GPS won’t get a fix. The compass works fine, and the GPS module displays a dim red light that flickers occasionally. Whereas the board will flash a blue light for a couple of seconds then it just turns into the red flashing light, indicating it isn’t armed. In stabilise mode it arms fine and flies well. But still no GPS. I’ve tied sitting outside for a while but nothing. All the GPS values in mission planner are 0, 0 satellites, 0 long, 0 lat etc. Just seems that no information is coming from the GPS. I bought it off ebay and it stated that is was pre flashed, and Im running a baud rate for the GPS of 115200.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Many thanks