Ublox-Neo-6h-GPS with Compass

Dear Ardupilot users,

I’ve got a friend who has an kit like this;


Everything is working fine, except for the Compass which is not initializing. Strange thing I can find regarding the compass is that it only has 2 wires going into the I2C port.

Tried to enable it through CLI terminal but no luck, I also get 0 Sample data when I try to calibrate the Compass.

I Cannot find anything about it on the internet, and this is my last hope. I’ve been actief on the DIY forums for a while but to me this looked like a good place to ask my question.

I hope some of you can help me out, maybe point me to a website where the same issue is discussed.

Thank you in advance,


Open up the gps and see if you can figure out if the swapped the 2 wires. The one outside pin is 3.3 volts and the other out side one is ground. The other 2 center ones are signal lines on the apm board.