Ublox GPS v1.1 pin connections

I have a Ublox GPS V 1.1 with the JST 6 pin connector. I need to make a cable to connect it to the pixhawk but I can’t work out the pin connections on the GPS unit.

The new version of the GPS has a DF13 connector - also with 6 pins - I happen to know what pins do what on the new version - is the old JST 6 pin connector wired the same.

In other words what I need to know is what Pin does what on the JST connector of the 3DR Ublox LEA6 V1.1

Any help appreciated.


these are the connections on the ublox v1.2, the older 1.1 version has a different connector for gps but the main difference is the integrated magbnometer on v1.2
…I’ll post the 1.1v pin layout as soon as i find it

Found this schematic to the pinout on the 1.1
hope this helps