Ublox GNNS Data Formats

What GNNS formats does Ardupilot support?

I am using two ZED-F9P that output UBX-NAV-RELPOSNED (pg 158 of Interface Manual) or NAV-PVT. Nav-PVT would make the most sense as it includes heading as well as longitude and latitude in its data structure.

I was wanting to use the heading information and disable all magnetometers.

Thank you!


I think we call this “moving baseline” and although it should work in Rover-4.0.0 the setup is apparently a bit difficult and it’s not documented. We are planning to include this PR which makes the setup much easier in Rover-4.1.

We have two ZED-F9P’s on the shelf with this concept in mind for our aquaculture feeder, hoping it would be implemented at some stage but with the fallback of doing the calcs in our companion computer if needed.
This was mainly prompted by the compass difficulties others were having with their zero turn mowers. ie also look to disable the magnetometers as per Kai.

Yes, it should be a great feature. The “moving baseline” PR is in master now and hopefully we will get some instructions on the wiki re the setup in the next week or so.

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This is exactly what I have been looking for! I look forward to the wiki being updated. Thank you

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