uBlox F9P GPS with usb connector

Hello guys! I need help with connect GPS F9p to my Nora FC

I try use usb-uart converter but nothing happens.
If connect f9p to PC via u-center - all is work fine.

How connect this GPS to my FC.
I will be grateful for answer.

F9P has two onboard UARTs. Any one of them will work.

Only one usb on board

Who makes that module? The UARTS are right on the uBlox module, hard to believe they wouldn’t be available on the breakout board. What’s on the other side of the board?

That is bizarre. Gleb, F9P works fine. I’m taking the UART1 → PIXHAWK GPS serial
with no issues. Surprised DJI didn’t bring out UART2 - as that port is the primary for
RTCM3 corrections. GL!
I’m using the Sparkfun F9P breakout with SMA…

Probably use converter usb to uart ?
But my converted is bad, i think

Gleb - USB is not involved in my setup. It is F9P UART1 directly driving the FC GPS
UART. In other projects, I have had issues with those USB-> serial converters. Of the
handful I have, only half actually work…

I don’t think so. DJI?

I didn’t think dji made GPS units for non dji systems (dji uses CAN for onboard comes anyways iirc)

That would be my guess. Some module stripped out of some craft?

So tell us where this module came from.

I think you’d need a USB host to use this maybe? Seems like DJI probably didn’t want to expose the UARTs for general use, lest they become a de facto supplier for cheap F9P modules.

Seems quite strange to have a single USB-A connector like that, regardless.