Ublox 8 problem with pos-hold

Issue- In pos-hold it will brake forward and backwards but makes no attempt at braking and holding position left and right.

After 3-4 compass calibrations, and radio calibrations, and gyro calibration I just can’t seem to get this Ublox 8 to work with the genuine 3dr pixhawk running copter 3.2 rc9. It’s very odd it works fine with rtl so I know the gps is working. I can clearly see the gps is working nicely as far as location and sat count via my gcs. The hud also shows correct compass. hdop is 1.7 isn 11-13 sats. ideas? See log.

I had pos-hold working fine with a Neo 7 the issue only started with Ublox 8. BUMMER!!! Got it from here pre- flashed for the pixhawk virtualrobotix.it/index.php/ … x-8-detail

I had bumped the roll trim on my TX so once I re-calibrated my radio again with the trim centered it was fine. :smiley:

Are you finding the Ublox 8 to be superior to the 6?