uBlox 8 on newest APM 2.8 BOARD Running copter 3.41

I have the neo 8 ublox Radiolink SE100 on my ardupilot 2.8 I just installed. Are there any steps I need to take to insure im getting any benefits over uBlox neo6.? 2nd question I have an OSD that came with my FC, also have a PRM-01 , I CANNOT get the display to show up in Mission planner like I have seen on the net,anybody ?

No settings need to be changed for the benefits of the neo8.

What have you done for the OSD/Mission Planner?

You need to transmit the video from your copters OSD to a receiver, which goes in to an analog video input to your computer.
Have you done all that? If so, then we can look in to the settings in Mission Planner.
What OSD do you have?

Well something is wrong because if you have an APM 2.8 board, you can only load 3.2.1 firmware.
Look closely after the firmware load…3.4.1 will revert after the download to 3.2.1

Reason being AMP 2.8 maxes out at 3.2.1

Also if you are using a 2.8 board and have not removed the compass jumper, you could have it set to use both internal and external but configured in Mission Planner for one and confusing the FC.

Advantage of 8 over 6 - more sat locks and quicker lock.

Please confirm the use of APM 2.8 flight controller…

I was reloading everything after some major add one, camera, serious battery upgrade ,etc. With the jumper off I could not get the thing to load firmware, put it back on,loads and verify first shot. I have APM 2.8 ,why would the fw file size decrease in the newer one. Which is better , I have arducopter FC 2.6 I think and the new ardupilot 2.8 both is the atmega the difference with newer faster,more finite control,?? Anyway when I take off in stabilize all is great it I tilt in any direction and let the stick center,it will keep going in that direction until I counter with the stick getting progressively faster like a bad game of pong , in hold its fine but never used to do this, it’s quite a handfull to get back on the ground. Thanks Radiolink AT10 system version 8 radiolink gps ,reciever R10 II . Thanks

I thought the telemetry displayed on the flight data screen through the 900mhz link.

I built it from an all inclusive kit, it came with an arducopter FC. I ordered a uBlox neo 8 GPS module to upgrade from the 6 it came with. I kept getting errors about compass health and was not able to get even the original to work after that. I ordered a new power module, FC and compass from Amazon it was listed as
APM2.8 ArduPilot Flight Controller+6M GPS+915Mhz Telemetry+ Power Module RC150So if not 2.8 what is it? I now have all working correctly no more issues.