Uavonix Ping usb for ADS-B display with mission planner

It seems like Mission planner takes in a few different formats for it’s adsb input.

dump1090 sbs on tcp 30003
dump1090 avr on tcp 30002
rtl1090 sbs1 on tcp 31004
rtl1090 avr on tcp 31001
adsb# on tcp 47806

I have set up the ping USB with Virtual Radar Service and I’m able to see the aircraft on Virtual radar services.

This was done by following

but I’m unsure how to set that up to be displayed on mission planner.

Virtual Radar Service lets you re-broadcast a stream on a TCP port for use with other programs so I’ve attempted to link that to mission planner by setting my output format to “Base Station” which is apparently like the SBS format. According to the available output formats in .

Does anyone know if this SBS format is different from the sbs from dump1090 or rtl1090?

Has anyone used the Ping USB directly with mission planner? Is there a simpler option to integrate it?

do you have a sample data output?

Hey Michael,

Thanks for the reply.

The ping usb actually outputs mavlink messages over usb at 57600 as far as I’ve been told from uavonix.

So as for a direct connection that would probably be the simplest way to use it with MP but I think that would have to be added in. I don’t have a dump of that raw mavlink data.

As far as what I’ve described above… Here is a raw dump from the “base station” format of Virtual Radar Server.

TCP_DUMP.txt is the python script used to collect basestation_format_raw.txt (can’t upload a .py file)

TCP_DUMP.txt (368 Bytes)

basestation_format_raw.txt (14.5 KB)

Hi Mathew,
Did you solve the integration problem?

the format in the provided file is actually sbs format so just need to make it listen on 30003 or 31004

Weird. I think i remember trying that and I couldn’t get it working that way. I don’t have one on hand right now to test with but next time I have one i’ll check. Thanks for the reply michael.

yeah, sorry about the delay on the response… i think it should work

Hi, can someone put up a guide on how to do this for non-programmer/coders? I know it can be done with UGCS, but I need it on Mission Planner. Thanks

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Hi Michael,

I already tried to connect via TCP ( on ports 30003 and 31004, but the pingUSB is not communicating with MP. Virtual Radar shows the planes, but I can’t find a way to send that info back to MP (perhaps a format problem). According to uAvionix, “selecting the appropriate COM port on Mission Planner and Baud Rate at 57600, you will not see Parameters come through, but if you hit cancel on the “Connecting Mavlink” box, you will see ADS-B information displayed”. After canceling the MAVlink connection, the planes appear, but they obviously don’t update their position. Any thoughts? Please help. Thanks.

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Hi Michael, I have also attempted to feed the Virtual Radar rebroadcast into MP GCS as Basestation format via the Planner ADSB checkbox without success. and 30003, 31004 etc. The reason for Basestation format is due to the ADS-B receiver not outputting MAVLink format (uAvionix pingStation).
Have there been any developments here as I have not yet seen a resolution to this issue?