UAvionics ADS-B Integration inside Mission planner

I think Integration of UAvionics ADS-B inside Mission planner is done on a fly and it is really poorly integrated. I would suggest the following enhancement asap:

  1. Under Mission planner HUD, there should be an option to display ADS-B Title.
  2. Next Display things such as as ADS-B is functioning or its β€œOn”. Right now no one can tell once you are airborne if ADS-B is still functioning and its status or went bad etc. unless there is an aircraft nearby.
  3. Count the number of air craft detected recently within the defined radius.
  4. May be a circle around the UAV, so the pilot can visually see how many aircraft are inside the ADS-B receiving range. Yes, I understand avoidance algorithm is automatic, but have a visual view is always good.

As an operator such information is crucial inside the ground station.

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