UAVCAN Servo Setup - Issue

Hi All.

I am trying to understand the current status with UAVCan servo support in Ardupilot.

I’m in the process of bench testing some Hitec MD70 Can based servo and am not getting movement at all.

To confirm the setup the servo has been configured with a node and servo ID and I have set it to streaming.

I have enabled canbus, setup the can servo pram for servo 6.

In SLCan inspector I can see the servo it’s node and servo ID and I’m getting real-time feedback on position when I manually move it for instance.

However I am not getting servo action on command

I have it set to 6 and I am manually triggering that in Mission planner, the servo screen is correctly showing the output move however just nothing on the servo it’s self.

At this stage I am trying to understand if this is a config issue on the servo side or Ardupilot. I have tried both plane and copter daily build and publish release copter as well.

Any info anyone has would be appreciated.

Morning Ian.

Looking forward to your Youtube video on these when you get them working! Certinally sounds like an interlock condition but alas I can’t be of much more help than to nudge the post up. Watching with interest and hoping all the UAVCAN servos aren’t mortgage territory! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Wesley, got it sorted. It was 30% me and 70% config issue. It was as much working out what did what in the software.

As for cost right now I’m not sure where that will land. It’s definitely early days for CAN servo but it’s promising that’s for sure. Their is also some steps people will need to take like externally powering the servo and not relying on the canbus 5v rail power. As it’s their in the connector it’s easy to assume it’s good enough but it will fall over quickly once you start to put a few devices on.

Now I have a working setup I can start to put something together over the coming weeks.

Do I need the Hitec DPC-CAN adapter to change the servos to UAVCAN, or do the MD-Series work out-of-the box with UAVCAN? Thanks!

No you need the adapter to set the ID and servo number.

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Was there a fix to this issue? I am seeing the same thing with the MD85MG servo