UAVCAN output from Pixhawk

We are in the final stages of designing our multispectral camera and we are wanting to get all the information from the Pixhawk via Can-Bus. We installed UAVCAN on our camera but we are not getting any parameters or camera trigger messages. We have put a canbus snooper on it just to make sure, and it is not giving anything but zeros and a QWERTY counter. We put the rover software on it and it is giving only esc commands and time.

In the latest version of Mission Planner there isn’t any place to enable the canbus on the APM:Copter so I am assuming that it is enabled automatically as it is putting out Canbus messages but they make no sense as it is all zeros and a counter. There is a place to enable it in ArduRover and ArduPlane but they only output esc info.

We want camera trigger and GPS transmitted to us.

Thanks Philip
we are just discussing where to have these discussions so that we can get all the right people talking to each other :slight_smile:
so at this point we need Holgar, Ben Dyer, Pavel, Michael DB, Tom, Tridge, and a few others getting into the same conversation so we can get these systems integrated asap.

We are planning on a gitter chan to discuss this.

Which is now at

Thanks will go there

Still no navcan for rover firmware?