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UAVCAN for Gimbal control

I am in the process of finalizing a build and have been looking at the gremsy gimbals for my cameras, does anyone know if arducopter supports CAN gimbal control?

not supported as far as i know.
At the moment:

-Alexmos serial

@Corrado_Steri thanks for that info.

Is there anyone working on can control for gimbals or is there anyone willing to have me ship them my gimbal so they can get can working? I am quite curious why @olliw42 has integrated UAVCAN for many things but there is a total lack of uavcan integration within ardu, is this just because there are very few actual sensors that are can right now? I love the fact that can is a simple connection with a very robust protocol hoping in the future to have can everything!!! If anyone is willing to play with a gremsy S1 to get can working on arducopter I would be willing to send them a gimbal. I do not have the coding skills to make it work!

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