Uavcan escs for fixed wing

Curious to know if anyone is aware of any manufacturers making fixed wing suitable canbus esc’s? I need around 3000w capable so that limits things a bit.

Too big for hobby stuff, too small for commercial.

The closest I can find is the zubax at 2500w. Looks like a good piece of kit.

Is there any other options out there?

Look at Currawong Engineering (uses piccolo can, supported by ArduPilot).

Thanks James,

Good call, I hadn’t come across them.

Their smallest esc is twice as powerful as I need (thus heavier) but I shall investigate further.


Tegwin - can you report what your find at the moment - I have only found these brands/ manufacturers.

We have bought a couple of different ones.

Holybro Kotleta
Zubax Komar

We have plans to test, will come back.

The Komar looks cool. Though for my tilt rotor would add even more forward weight needing more tail weight to correct CofG. The Kotleta is just a bit small for my needs. The Myxa is my likely goto for this project.

I know you are asking specifically for UAVCAN, but we successfully flown a FETtec OneWire telemetry ESC this week. The results look promising, all automotive parts, 50A … etc

Thanks Amilcar,

I’ll look into them.

Take care


Its curious that the Kotleta documentation says is is rated at 500W continuous.

The Myxa as a bare board is only 400W.

Bit skeptical that the Kotelta could handle more power as its physically smaller. Am I missing something?