UAV Micro heli build

A little and inexpensive project to start with helicopter drones, based on blade 180 frame.
Autopilot: pixracer
GPS: mini AP_GPS from Hobbyking
Sw plate servos:
Tail servo: original E-flite servo
BEC: 3A/5V
The model presented here is loaded with upgrades by Lynx-heli, but flies very well in the original configuration too.
Attached the CAD files to build autopilot support
Video of auto mission:

Heli is controlled through TBS Crossfire LR system, set up in PPM over Mavlink mode on the micro receiver. So the same receiver is used for both RC and mavlink telemetry.


AP_Lower.STL (180.5 KB)
AP_Upper.STL (286.8 KB)

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Looks great! Seems to be flying well. Thanks for sharing the build info.

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Thanks Randy, indeed it flies very smooth and stable, even in windy conditions.
Little more I forgot to say:
no governor on the ESC has been used, so in the full param list H_RSC_MODE has to be set to “3” and in the attached .param file the end points for the curve can be found.
On a 3s 1000mAh battery endurance was about 12 minutes at 20%.
Something more could probably be achieved lowering HS but in my case became a bit bouncy under windy conditions, so I decided to leave HS higher.
Here attached the parameter file for PIDs and things, good as a starting point (the videos were flown with AC3.5 and the attached params) . B180_pixracer.param (13.5 KB)