UAV Medical Express Challenge 2018 Deliverable 1 - Who made it?

It looks like the emails to teams that have made it through the Deliverable 1 process have gone out from the UAV Challenge organisers this afternoon.

I was just wondering which teams have made it through, and if there was any further information provided by the organisers.

A full list of competitors that made it through D1 has been released by the organisers and can be found here:

As well as our go decision our email contained the following advisory:
(My comments in brackets)

  • If you have a VTOL system, you need to ensure that you address the
    case of GPS failure during all modes of flight, especially hovering.
    How will you hover if you do not have GPS?

(I’m assuming they mean how will you loiter without GPS with a VTOL in hover?)

  • Consider the potential for multiple failures and how certain
    combinations of failures may require flight termination.

(So we’re expected to possibly terminate even without a geofence breach, or at least prove that we don’t need to terminate inside the geofence?)

  • Please ensure that there is sufficient design information about your
    Flight Termination System in your D2 document so that the committee
    can confirm that it complies with the rules.

  • You MUST ensure that any radio systems that you use are LEGAL in
    Australia (you MUST check this yourselves). You are not required to
    report the full details regarding your RF transmitters until D3, but
    you will not be given a Go decision at D3 if you are using illegal
    frequencies or illegal radiated power levels.

  • Do not assume that aircraft will have reliable 3G or 4G mobile phone
    coverage during the mission. The mission may take place in an area of
    no, or poor mobile phone coverage at the time of the event.

(from experience we know that to be true, especially on the ground under 1m)

And a reminder to continue to check on the FAQ webpage of the website:

I welcome comments or conversation on the topic below.

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CanberraUAV got through.

Sydney RPA’s got through too.

This time the full list of competitors has been released by the organisers and can be found here:

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