UASUSA use caution

Since this is an open source project and we all benefit by being open it is time to be open on an unpleasant topic too.

I currently have nearly $20,000 in unpaid invoices going back to January of 2016 to a company called UASUSA in Longmont CO, including repayment of expenses that I incurred to do the work for them. The brutal part here is that I was a sub contractor and UASUSA were paid months ago by their client.

I have observed several times in the past months where UASUSA have struggled to make their own payroll and since the spring almost half of the staff have left. They are trying to replace consultants and employees alike. I do not recommend UASUSA as a good client if you are considering doing contract work, or a good employer if you are looking for a job.

As the most fundamental aviation axiom says, “Learn from the mistakes of others. You’ll never live long enough to make them all yourself.”

Thanks for the heads up. Hope you get paid.