UAS Training centers list


Whom I can contact regarding listing my company on … g-centers/ ?


Bumping this topic as I have the same question.

I am the program coordinator for the RPAS program at LeTourneau University in Longview, TX. Our program is centered on training UAS pilots, technicians, and electrical design engineers. As the emphasis is on training and certification for careers in UAS operations, I’d like to develop an Ardupilot training certificate with input from this forum. … index.html

My background is primarily in the Piccolo family of autopilots, and when researching suitable autopilot platforms for university training, the Ardupilot system caught my attention.

As there is no “UAS Operator” certificate available in the USA at this point, a logical approach would be to obtain a pilot certificate along with a UAS “type certificate” gained from either a UAS manufacturer or training center. We are aiming to gain FAA approval for “training” not just “aerial data collection” as so many other section 333 applicants have done.

Our current exemption request can be viewed at!documentDe … -4371-0001