UAS Software Engineer at Hitec in San Diego

Hitec USA Group’s Commercial Drone division is looking for an on-site, full-time Software Engineer to contribute to the development and maintenance of our UAV systems. Our tightly integrated UAV systems consist of integrated Linux companion computers running onboard the vehicle as well as Linux computers integrated into handheld controllers and utilize high bandwidth radio links to stream video, telemetry data, and vehicle commands between the air and ground systems.

Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Maintain tightly integrated UAV ecosystems consisting of integrated Linux companion computers onboard the vehicle and ground station controllers.
  • Contribute to our video encoding software suite.
  • Develop software for subsystems to communicate with the autopilot hardware via UART/CAN.
  • Contribute to our lightweight web server used to transfer data between the air side and ground side systems
  • Enhance the capabilities of our ground side system.
  • Participate in drone flight tests to rapidly validate and troubleshoot code changes. (getting out in the field and flying some drones)

What we need you to Do:

  • Work closely with other engineers spanning multiple disciplines in a small, informal team environment.
  • Balance business requirements with technical feasibility and set expectations on new projects.
  • Identify and implement improvements in development, maintenance, and system standards.
  • Work with other engineering team members to architect, test, release, and maintain software.
  • Quickly prototype new features for proof of concept exercises.
  • Conduct research and development on state-of-the-art autonomous UAV systems (drones)

Candidates MUST have the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent.
  • At least 1+ year of related job experience
  • Experience with C/C++
  • Experience with Python
  • Experience with Embedded Systems Development
  • Experience developing multi-threaded software
  • Working Knowledge of Git
  • Ability to work autonomously

Preferred candidates will also have the following skills:

  • Experience with socket programming
  • Experience with RESTful API
  • AWS
  • Experience with unmanned vehicles (drones) especially autonomous vehicles
  • Experience with robotics
  • IoT Experience
  • Experience working with open source projects
  • Able to work independently in a dynamic project environment with aggressive deadlines
  • Experience working with geographically dispersed teams.

Hitec USA Group consists of the three US divisions. Hitec Commercial Solutions is both an actuator and unmanned systems manufacturer, Hitec Commercial Drone Services is our flight service division, and Hitec RCD has been selling radio control systems, servos, chargers and model aircraft to the RC hobby market for over thirty years. Hitec USA is an Equal Opportunity employer, and offers competitive pay, benefits package, and a flexible work schedule.

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