UAS Software Engineer at Freefly East in New Jersey - Yes we Ardupilot Here

Freefly Systems East is looking for a UAS Software Engineer. Freefly Systems typically uses PX4 but here at FFE we are using Ardupilot. Freefly Systems East, (formally BFD Systems) is the skunkworks integration arm of our parent company Freefly Systems located in Woodinville, Washington. This is a place for you to make a real impact on a small business and an entire industry.

The full job posting is located on the freefly website.


How long will this position be open for?

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it’s a full-time position, not a contract.

My question was more in regards to the deadline for applications and when the position would start. Sorry for the confusion.

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Start applying, and when we find the right person for the job, the posting is closed


I Highly recommend FreeFly East! a great team to work with!

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I thought you guys were in Philly

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We moved to NJ in March 2020, just over the bridge.

Is the position remote and/or onsite?

On-site, we have filled this role but if you can fly as well let us know. We need more test pilots as it turns out.

@BFDsystems/ Max. happy to be here to represent Canopus, an India-based software service provider. In our team develop and maintain QGroundControl, MAVSDK, MavLink, and Px4 autopilot software. Even we can support you to modernize an existing software.

Some of our recent projects were for Kittyhawk, Measure, Datumate, and Skyward, A Verizon company.

If you ever looking for a remote contractor to execute your software project, we can help!

Sandeep from Canopus