UART communication between STM32 and Pixhawk Cube Orange


I control the servo motors on my drone with STM32. I want to adjust angle of motors on drone with buttons on my ground station. I set up UART communication between STM32-STM32 for experimental purposes. My next goal is to establish UART communication between STM32-Pixhawk. Finally, I will send the information from Pixhawk to my ground station by telemetry.

I’m new to Pixhawk. So how should I proceed? According to my research, I need to write a code with lua extension. I searched the internet but couldn’t find what I wanted.

Is there a sample written UART communication code in Lua? I would be very happy if you could help me in this area.

Used by:
Pixhawk Cube Orange
LattePanda(Ground Station)

Embedded Software Engineer