U-Blox GPS Configuration for APM 2.5 and TeleflyOSD

I need NMEA messages for the TeleflyOSD Pro to get the Antenna tracker to work properly. The APM and Telefly Pro share the UBlox GPS.

I have configure the GPS to send both NMEA as well as UBEX data en all is happy, but…

…every time the APM boots up it reconfigure the GPS to only send UBEX data. The result is that the TeleflyOSD Pro doesn’t function.

The TeleflyOSD is only connected to GND and TX of the GPS.

I have used the U-Center GPS configuration software to “BLOCK” incoming messages from the APM as follow:
I have set the Port as follows:
Port: UART1
Incoming Protocol: NONE (was 1+2+3)
Outgoing Protocol: 1+ 2 (UBEX + NMEA)

I want to know if the APM needs to configure the GPS during flight?

Will it be acceptable to configure the GPS manually and prevent the APM to send configuration data to the GPS after bootup? (If yes, then this will be the same affect as cutting the APM’s TX wire to the GPS)

I think that will be fine. The APM will likely notice the extra messages in NMEA format coming in and it will probably try and turn them off every 51seconds. Parsing the NMEA messages will also waste some CPU time which is very short if you’re using arducopter but not so bad if you’re using arduplane.
If you wanted to be sure that the APM is fine then download a dataflash log file and check that the GPS messages are arriving reliably every 200ms. If they are then you’re probably good.