Typing 1.05 value writes 105 instead - PTCH2SRV_RLL

Today I almost crashed my plane when trying to tune the PTCH2SRV_RLL value from 1.0 to 1.05
I saved the plane switching to Manual mode, land then checked the value and it was 105.
The only way to have it write 1.05 is to type 1,05
I don’t know if it’s due to Italian version of windows or a Mission Planner bug

Windows 7 Italian
Mission PLanner 1.3.36 build 1.1.5910.30936
Arduplane 3.5.0

Thank you

It is probable that it is a localization problem. We have similar issues in Greek Windows versions.

In many countries the , and . symbols are inverted for the numpad, depending on the language settings of the computer.

A friend of mine goes as far as to copy and paste the “comma” character from existing fields.

It would be useful if Mission Planner could provide some kind of check for this.

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