TXMOD v2 rfd900x v2 connection lost and sbus problems

I bought 2 rfd900x v2 modems and in addition to them TXMOD v2

How I set it up:

  • inserted TXMOD v2 into the Radiomaster tx16s mk2 edgetx 2.8.2 equipment and set the sbus, ch1-ch-16, 20ms protocol in the settings of the external module
  • vehicle modem connected to matek h743 flight controller:

rts,cts,rx,tx,5v,gnd to UART7 SERIAL1
15 pin,gnd of vehicle modem to USART6 SERIAL7 and gnd

Set the serial port settings according to the instruction, rate 57, mavlink 2, rcin

After that, I rebooted both the equipment and the vehicle modem, began to check how the modules work when turned off and noticed that if the vehicle modem is turned off from the power supply, the control equipment does not understand that there is no longer a connection with the vehicle modem, it does not warn, as usual, that telemetry has disappeared, does not says nothing, I checked what is in the edgetx 2.8.2 logs and found out that at the moment when the power of the vehicle modem is already turned off and the rssi value should be 0, the last known digit continues to be sent there (in my case it is 99) and the control equipment thinks that the connection did not break, even warns when turned off that the receiver is still connected.

The second oddity in behavior is that Sbus does not work properly for me, when I connect to the Mission planer I go to the equipment calibration section and I can control all channels, by switching the sticks and keys on the equipment I see them all, but if I go to the servo output tab , then I can’t control all channels, for example, I have servos connected in rcin9 rcin10, and I can’t understand why they work, I can control them, and sometimes they don’t work, I don’t understand what it depends on. I tried to set another protocol for GPIO1.1 SBUS output = 1,2,3,4,5 - I did not see any difference. What I just didn’t do to set it up I can’t

Please help me figure out what the problem is, the radiomaster tx16s (my friend has the same issue with radiomaster boxer) does not understand that the vehicle modem was turned off (although the indication on txmod at this moment says that it understands that there is no more communication with the vehicle modem and is trying to find it by flashing green) + problem with Sbus haunts me, I don’t understand why in the calibration tab I see all the channels, but I don’t always see them in the servo output fold

sorry i can’t add images