TX16s telem mirror with TBS crossfire

Hi everyone,
I was wonedring how do you connect mission planner to TX16s and is it possible to connect it via the USB port rather then wifi and tcp settings ?
I have TBS crossfire and TBS nano rx pro module running via TX16S remote. The remote has telem mirror settings under the USB-VCB. Do I need to map separate mavlink tx/rx pins appart from crsf tx/rx on my nano reciever module to get it working ? I currently use CRSF only.

Any ideas ? How do you run your telemetry from TX16s ?

Ardupilot doesn’t support connecting Mission planner over CRSF protocol.

ExpressLRS modules can use mavlink and communicate with handset using CRSF. It is currently the only budget option that supports Mavlink telemetry required for mission planner.