Two Tilt Servo angle is different with same PWM range

Hello, Below is detail of the problem as per video
(Freeman Tilt Servo VTOL.mp4 - Google Drive)

[1] Two Tilt Servo’s PWM Range : 1050~2000(Two servo pwm range was same)

[2] Two Tilt Servo’s action in Manual mode : The motor become straight well

[3] Two Tilt Servo’s action in QStabilize mode : One of the motor does not reach to upright straight, as per the video.
only one motor reach to upright straight angle.

[4] Result :

Servo pwm value range was same(1050~2000) but the two servo’s tilt degree was different.

so I adjust “TiltMotorFrontLeft” to 1000~2000 and the problem was solved.

PWM range is different, but actual tilt servo degree is same.

two servo is same model.

I wonder This solution is right method.

Have anyone ever experience this symptom?

I want to get opinion about this.

We hade same issue. 50 pwm should not be a problem. We had more than 200pwm diffrence after crash, not flyable and had to change it.

Sounds very dangerous. maybe servo was damaged due to crash

My tiltrotor crashed after this symptom, with servo issue.

I’ve setup a couple of VTOLs and most of the time they will not have identical PWM range. I just adjust the endpoints independently to reach back enough so prop doesn’t strike wing in vtol mode, and straight forward in FW mode. Then adjust the Q_TILT_YAW_ANGLE so it’s perfectly vertical in VTOL mode. This is the documentation I followed: QuadPlane Setup Tips — Plane documentation in the “Tilt Rotor Setup” section.

Thank you for your answer.

I can accept PWM min or max can be different,

but I want to comfirm that PWM “range”(not min or max position) can be different

Yes, the PWM range can be different due to the tolerances of all components. Most normal servos have not a high grade processor unit with an low tolerance xtal but simple RC timer.

Oh thats very intersting.