Two telemetry systems interfering with eachother


I am using two telemetry systems for an autonomous boat project:
-Herelink system for RC and Video
-433 Mhz telemtry system from Drotek ( to connect to a laptop onshore

When I only run the 433 Mhz telemetry alone (disconnect the Herelink) I get a good connection for with a good distance.
When I use both telemetry systems, the connection of the 433 Mhz breaks after 5 meters of distance.

Does anybody have any tips on how to have a reliable system so I can run the boat from a remote control and/or from a Laptop?

I have looked at the RFD868x-EU Modem Bundle (, could this be a good substitute for the 433 Mhz system? And am I allowed to use this in Europe?

You can use the rfd868 in the EU. You could have a look at the RFD txmod which is the rfd 868 along with an adapter to plug into the back of your transmitter (if you have a compatible transmitter). So you could use the rfd txmod/868x as the telemetry and RC link and use herelink for video only.