Two Rovers on Different Missions with one GCS

Can MP monitor and feed two mowers RTK corrections while on different missions at the same time?


connect to the first one as normal

connect to the second one by right clicking the top menu bar, and “connection options”

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Thanks Michael! Will give it shot once I finish the second mower.

Glad for the refresher on this! I had a good idea it was possible but little experience actually putting it to use.

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Another way is running two (or more) MP instances in the same laptop, with the advantage (in Windows) that you can assign different voices to each.

So MP will “share” USB ports for the RTK corrections and telemetry?

Here you have another case. Single laptop with two MP instances for the balance bot and the quadcopter (both have RTK’s and the same waypoints). There is a router for internet connection (for the RTK corrections) and wifi (each vehicle connects to the router wifi through a different UDP port). Each MP instance communicates the RTK corrections to the vehicle it is connected to.

(I forgot to assign a different voice to each MP instance, but it is also possible as above).

BTW, above only the car has RTK.