Two raspberry pi and one pixhawk communications

In my project, I communicate the pixhawk and raspberry pi in the vehicle with dronekit. I want to send and receive commands to the raspberry pi 3 in the vehicle with the raspberry pi 3 in the ground station, how can I do that. SSH doesn’t work for me because I’ll do autonomous tasks like image processing. Can I also use mission planner-like software from ground control station in this way?

Thanks for any help you can give.

So you want a network connection between the two? 4G/5G dongles on each plus a service like Zerotier.

yes something like that, I think I can also use MQTT, and I want to read data from all sensors and transmit it to the control station must be a two-way communication, such as read data and send commands

ArduPilot uses the MAVLink protocol for telemetry data, so you’ll need to use that. The pymavlink library is a good implementation.

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So I’ll use the Mavlink protocol between the pixhawk and the raspberry, and the Zerotier service between the two raspberries.
Thanks for help

If, by any chance you are using herelink radio, you can use herelink ethernet bridge to comunicate to on board raspberry.

Sorry, I don’t use it, but is it possible to do this with any IoT protocols?