Two questions about air gear pack

hello, i have a quadcopter with the air gear 350 that contains 4 920kv 2213 motors, self tightening props and 20 amp esc.
one of the motors got ruined in an accident, now i’m wondering how can i fix this problem, should replace the broken motor with the exact same model which is t-motor 2213 920kv, or can i use something similar like E-MAX MT2213/935KV? another problem with using a similar motor is the props! i don’t know if i can use these t-motor self tightening props with another motor!!

and there is another problem :smiley: a silly one actually, the props are locked and i can’t open them.
any suggestions?

Hi, @insightman
To simplify the problem, I recommend you to get a new air 2213.
Otherwise you have to look for other propellers and adapters.

Some shopping websites like us sell air 2213 individually.
FYI, we leave the link below.

+Unfortunately the only way to remove self tightening prop is by force.
Using a lever may help you somehow.

Hope you fix the problem! :smile: