Two points in each corner

Every time I use the Auto Waypoint, Simple Grid, the Mission planner generates two points in each Conner, I notice that if I increase the Overshoot those points separates from each other, but I tried a way to not generate those points and could not find a way to eliminate them. Does any one know if I can generate my lines with mission planner without those duplicated points on each conner?


what version of mission planner are you running? as I believe this was fixed

I just recently update my version, so I believe we are using Version 3.1


I believe that Michael Osborne was asking what version of Mission Planner you are using not what ArduRover firmware version.

I am sorry Michael, I am new on it that is why I make this dummy mistakes. I was using 1.3.43 but recently I update to version 1.3.44, in both versions I could see this problem. Can I send you one file I have with this problem?


I’m getting the same thing. Extra waypoints added into SimpleGrid. MP 1.3.44
Should only be 9 waypoints in the picture below but I am getting 15. It looks like each waypoint on the polygon boundary is doubling up. Not sure how to fix it?

agh, you are using simple grid? not survey grid?

I know the issue was fixed in survey grid. so it would still exist in simple grid

there is any way out of it?

Yes, just using simple grid only.

I believe it has something to do with the overshoot feature. Even when there is a 0 overshoot, MP is adding an extra waypoint.

I don’t use/ need the camera trigger in survey grid. It is more suited towards the photo scanning guys.

next beta MP will fix this

Awesome, thank you.



Thanks Michael.

Jader Leite