Two Paid Projects - Integration of Serial device into Arducopter

Hello All,

We have two projects we need completing asap.

One is the inclusion of a few variables from a serial data stream, into the arducopter logs. This is a external sensor, and we can format the output anyway we want to make it easier to interface into arducopter. But w need the variable data stored in the logs, so we can analyse after flights our sensor data along with the normal GPS, alt, pressure etc readings.

The second, is again a serial data stream, however, it is a line of 5 variables and one hex code. We want to be able to display on mission planner one of these variables, as its a fuel level. The hex code related to one of 8 different error states. As a secondary goal (primary goal on is to get the fuel level on screen) we would like written to screen the warning messages, much in the same way we currently ee the other red font warning messages.

PM for more details. Its a paid job, and it can be one or two separate people, we dont mind. If this goes well we have a number of other mini projects we could move on to.