Two paddles steering - no motor control

Hello I try again!
I have some navigation problems with two paddles (skid) steering (. I’ve configured mission power as rover 4.0 and boat. I use a Raspberry Pi 4b 8gb. with Emlid navio 2 hat. I use an internal compass in Navio 2, and Emlid Reach m+ as GPS Rover and Base. The compass is calibrated in mission planner, and the GPS signal is connected serial USB.
In mission planner data window I have GPS rtk fixed, the EFK is text color is red (velosity_horizon Off, pos_horiz_abs Off, pos_vert_abs Off). In graphic tuning window, I have piddesired and pidachived, and when I rotate the control system the boats turn in the map window, and the pit achieved this changing between plus and minus from piddesired . In my opinion that should control the two motors and steer the boat. When I arm the control system motors C and D spin up and motor C stops after a second. The motor is now running at the same speed all the time not changing when I rotate the boat starboard or port from the waypoint. So the boat is just going in a circle.
Does anyone have some suggestions of what I can try to fix this?

Full Parameter List - Log config mp 2021-10-04a.param (14.2 KB)

Thank you for taking the time to read, and hopefully help me! :smile: