Two of the motors copter's spi̇n to low and two of the spi̇n to high

Hi everyone! I made a quadcopter that have Pixhawk Cube Orange, Skywalker Esc’s and Emax A2212 motors. I connected all cables and did all calibrations correctly but I have problem about motors spin. When I arm quad without probs, two of the motors spin to high and two of the spin to low. (same result with PX4 firmware.) Can anyone help me? There is a log here:

What the vehicle does with no props on is not representative of what it will do with props. The closed loop control systems are not closed with no props.

So Your suggest is that I have to fly, right?

I would try to take off outside in stabilize only! If that works then you can switch to another mode. But if you see that the drone is about to flip to one side, or starts shaking then stop!

What will I do if drone is about to flip, what will I change?

If the drone tries to flip set the throttle to minimum and stop the motors

If you have done all the mandatory calibrations and Motor Test has passed succesfully (motor order and direction correct), and you have set the Initial Tuning Parameters based on prop size and battery power put props on it and fly it.

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hahahaha :slight_smile: I did not ask about that. What will I change on drone, what will I do different for another flying?

Yeah I did all mandatory calibrations but realized that motors spin’s difference and I thought it was a problem. Anyway, I will fly and give you guys feedback soon.

If that includes running the Motor Test, which isn’t in Mandatory calibration, and setting the Initial Tuning Parameters from the the Alt>A tuning plug-in then you are good for a first flight.

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