Two M8N GPS Modules in EKF or One CUAV NEO 3 (M9N) - Which will give better accuracy?



I’m trying to get the best positioning accuracy without using RTK GPS.

Cuav claims that their NEO 3 M9N GPS gets up to 35 satellites when regular M8Ns get 15-20.

In the other hand, I can also use two regular M8Ns. Like multiple Radiolink SE100 or something.

I know that ArduPilot kalman-filters multiple GPS’ position data.

Which one would perform better, two M8Ns or one M9N.


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The M9 is an excellent chip, and handily beats the M8. I would go with a single M9. Matek also makes an M9. We use dual mRo Location 1.

If you don’t mind , ask one thing ?

Can you show some footage with

On this project ? I want to show accuracy with some wind or something similar

What board do you use? How do you plug two CAN Bus GPS?

Is it possible to wire two M9Ns? Can you use a splitter just as in i2c?

I’m using a Pixhawk 2.4.8


Good day, as you fc have only one CAN port you can connect only one CAN periph, in case you want add one more CAN periph, you can use a splitter, i don’t know if the i2c splitter can handle the signal as well…, me I’ve designed a CAN splitter who can handle the CAN impendace required by CAN BUS protocol