TWO GPS's installed. Sat count and GPS status not displaying in Quick view

FC is H743.
Two GPS’s installed, BN880 (UART2) and BN220 (UART3)

BUT in Quick display!
‘Sat count and GPS status’ not displayed but ‘Sat count2 and GPSstatus2’ are displayed.
Use priority changed to all configuration (primary and blended etc.).
If I remove either one the system behaves the same.
Both GPS’s have acquired satellites.
Serial ports are active. I changed options back to -1 and this removed the allocated GPS.

Compass on BN880 working. Changed both GPS units for spares, same results.
Heads up shows:
GPS2: 3D Fix

Quad ARM’s and Loiter/Pos hold work as exspected.

Any ideas as to why Mission Planner not showing actual status?
PS Thanks to the team!