Two cameras on board


I would like to have two cameras on board my drone.
One for the drone pilot, i.e. Foxxer T-Rex 1500TVL Camera + VTX Rush Tank Max Solo 2.5W, and second one for the filmmaker (gimbal operator) Sony SLR camera with converted HD image to AV + VTX Rush Tank Max Solo 2.5W transmitter.
In this configuration, two people would be needed to fully operate the drone.

  1. Is it possible to switch between the images of both cameras using a channel on the radio if I want to operate both cameras as a drone pilot by my own?
  2. Do I need two VTXs in this arrangement if I only want to switch between camera views?

Hi Pawel,

if you are using any of matek h7 or f7 series flight controller u already have option to switch video image of 2 cams.


You can get VIFLY camera switcher (where u can connect 2 analog cam feed & switch to either of one with an pwm signal from any of aux port) to any flight controller

if you are using above method only one vtx is enough, but if u want both the feeds transmitted simultaneously then u will require 2 vtxes on different channels.
for drone controls can be sketchy to override primary user input in faction of time, but its possible.

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Thank you for showing the solution for an analog system.

I using Orange Cube+ FC because it is a larger drone and I am also considering a system for transmitting HD images. I was thinking about a solution where the gimbal operator (filmmaker) would have a better quality image, and the image would be transmitted via the HDZero/Walksnail system. It seems to me that with such a combination of an analog camera for the pilot and a digital HD camera for the filmmaker, it would be impossible to switch the image in the case of solo flights, what do you think?

ya you can do an analog & hdzero with an vrx hdmi out to display.
if you are using cine cams like red or arri, I’d recommend to invest in dji transmission & shift pilot fpv to hd for better control.

If your cameras support ethernet I would suggest using general purpose high bandwidth link, while slightly harder to set up initially it will be more flexible.

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Ultimately, I will use the Sony camera on the Greemsy T3V3 gimbal, which does not have an ethernet connector. It seems to me that with such semi-professional equipment, analog image transmission will be enough.

Hi Keen, I also have similar requirements. Can SERIAL be set as CAM, plug in 2 CAMs, use 1 VTX, and switch between CAMs using the remote control on specified channels? If possible, how can it be done?(I have a closed-source flight controller, Sparrow V3Pro, which can achieve dual camera switching.)

I am using the original HEWING T1 flight controller, as shown in the picture.

apparently you use a cam switcher to connect 2x cams and connect the switcher out cable to FC cam input on this board
you can set an auxiliary channel and bypass your tx channel to that aux channel, that can be connected to your cam switcher

no you cannot set any serial for analog cam input