Two Ardupilot Firmwares on one MCU

Dear Community,

I have a slightly weird question, namely I am in need to keep my aircraft (which utilize an ArduPlane 4.1 on Matek H7 MCU) as light as possible (finally I am considering the usage of two superlight microcontrollers like Kakute F7 mini or CC3D mini revolution) and at the same time this aircraft will be a convertible for a rover. Is it possible somehow to have two “firmwares” in one MCU? I mean the ArduPilot Plane and ArduPilot Rover? I was thinking about flashing it from an SD Card after landing or executing a LUA script (it might be a problem as it is a sandboxed environment). Maybe anyone here was thinking about such thing? Sorry if I’ve chosen the category wrongly.


Unless you try to implement switching between two autopilots with different firmware through an external control microcomputer board like arduino.
I have not seen a method of installing two firmware on one controller, maybe you will be the first. )