Twin Tailsitter - Yaw Control Disappeared

Updated the twin tailsitter (non tilt) to 4.5.4. My yaw control has disappeared. I don’t even see any stick input when I look at the servo output screen (for yaw, that is, all other inputs are fine) ? @iampete Any Ideas? I’ve attached my params.
ARVTOL-4.5TuningNewElevons.param (22.8 KB)

the only thing I could see was you have acro_yaw_rate set to zero.

Thank you @geofrancis, but I guess I should clarify - I’m talking about yaw control during the Q Plane phase - where the vehicle is vertical and acting like a quadcopter. During normal operation like a flying wing, there is no yaw control, just elevons, hence AP makes yaw zero.

now that you mention it, i had something strange like that happen with my tailistter recently when updating it and had to reflash and older version to get it working but in my case it was pitch control that was gone in vtol mode. I just assumed it was a setting and left it on the older version.

Please enable arming checks and resolve any issues they warn about. Then upload a log of the test. Which version did you update from?

Solved. Turns out that SOMEWHERE along the line RC4_MIN and RC4_MAX got changed from their default 1100 and 1900 to 1450 and 1500 for some reason - eliminating any potential yaw input. @iampete I’m not sure where that happened there, but I’m pretty sure it happened in a software update. I would have had no reason to change yaw min and max like that. Take it for what it’s worth and thanks again @geofrancis .

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