Twin Goblin VTOL Issues With Landing 4.0.9

I’ve been working on this system for about 2 weeks now. I thought everything was going well but I just can’t stick the landing and would like to ask folks to help me figure this problem out.

I’ve included a link to the parameter file, log file , and my video of my troublesome landing.

Latest Flight
Parameter File

I apperatiate any help and I hope to learn something in the process.

0 length param file so cant tell if this is vectored or not…any tailsitter has control issues in rapid VTOL descents…non vectored are even worse and can lose pitch and yaw completely with even moderate descent rates since airflow over the control surfaces is zero or even reversed causing control reversal…if you did attempt to stop or slow the descent (which does not appear to occur), then you also ran out of power (low batttery after the climb?)…

I’ve tried switching back to QStab but it doesn’t seem to help recover or settle out the error. Qstab and Qhover seem to work well when I’m not doing the transistion from fixed wing to VTOL. I was using a fresh battery and I fixed the param file.

cant see anything obvious in params…do you have a dataflash log of the issue?

I pulled the last few flights.