Turtle based Tri-Copter VTOL plane

hello everybody
I want to show you my experimental VTOL project, and I have some questions.
I build a VTOL-plane based on an existing model-aircraft called Turtle One from Staffan Seth.
I like the idea to make it VTOL-capable, and the design should be close to the original. As you can see at the picture, it is based on a Tri-copter with two tilt-rotors and one fixed rotor. I think this is a very common approach, which is very good supported by ardupilot. But there is one problem:
Ardupilot always seems to assume that the fixed rotor is at the rear side, while in my design it has to be at front side! I have not found how to configure it this way. The solution for the moment is, to fly backwards. I mounted the flight controller in revers direction and reversed also some RC functions. For hovering in copter-mode it works perfect so far. But will transition to fixed-wing work? I do not have a speed sensor. I understood there is some speed-calculation, and there must be a minimum speed to finish transition.
My questions are:

  1. Is there a simple and straight forward way to configure a Tri-Copter with tilted rotors rear-sided and fixed rotor front sided?
  2. If not, could that be an additional feature in ardupilot?
  3. What could be work-arounds for this situation?
  4. How can I configure the transition parameters, so that it works when flying backwards?

thanks for any advice or comment!
regards, Gerd