Turnigy 9X Pixhawk setup,Need help on programming radio

stock HK Turnigy 9X,PPM Encoder Pixhawk setup. 3DR Quad . Newbie Need help on programming Transmitter switches so that I can have RTL,Loiter,etc. Mainly for carrying my go pro and filming. Help would be greatly appreciated as this is frustrating. :question:

Sometimes it helps to review the Arducopter Wiki first then ask for help if you are still unsure.
Try here: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-six-modes/

I so not understand much of the terminology? I am using a Hobbyking 9x Transmitter that has been reflashed (according to hobby king)! having a real rough time assigning different flight modes and channel mixing.

please refer to the wiki topic here copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/flight-modes/

tried to use this as a guide( youtube.com/watch?v=sHOAMyFRGiM ) but can only get the gear switch to go from mode 1 1047 and jumps to mode 6 at 1873 and cannot change values as shown?? I am using a turnigy 9x bcv2 receiver w 3DR PPM adapter board.

the video is shown using a 2.5.FC so maybe there is another way?? could the PPM board cause it not to function in the way shown?

i understand why folks urge newbies and others to research first and read the wiki, but sometimes, reading just doesnt quite do the trick… sometimes the brain just hits an overload of info and shuts down and doesnt understand/accept new info. especially when it is foreign.

learning to talk a foreign language can be answered by, go read a book, dont ask questions, just read.

but, how do you say hello in french,… go read the wiki, bon juer, BAWN JEWER

some folks get it some dont…

that being said…

I have the 9xpro, and think it maybe similar… and I didnt see anything in the wiki about how I did it, or see any youtube vids on how I did it… hopefully I did it correct…?

I created 6 custom switches… SW1-SW6 these are software switches… you will pick and choose two real world/mechanical switches, and those two switches will now become one switch… i.e. the 3 position switch and the switch next to it, (AIL switch) when the 3 position switch is up, and the AIL switch is up, will now become custom SW1, and so on,

so, create six custom switches,
custom switch 1 (sw1) = 3pos(up) AND AIL
custome switch 2 (sw2) = 3pos(mid) AND AIL
sw3 = 3pos(down) AND AIL
sw4 = 3pos(up) AND !AIL (AIL switch is now down)
sw5 = 3pos(mid) AND !AIL
sw6 = 3pos(down) AND !AIL

now you have 6 new switches on your 9x radio…

now program the ‘MIX SCREEN’ I used channel 5, but it dont matter, as long as yuou use that output channel on the RX and wire it to channel 5 on the flight controller.

channel 5 will have six items, just keep adding the new custom switches, SW1-SW6 as the source for each item in that channel.

after you set up those mixes, then get into mission planner and flight mode screen, and then adjust the weight of each mix item until it lights up the different flight modes… (dont worry about picking which flight mode you want, just as long as each of six flight mode boxes turns green when you flip the switch…

good luck, and play around. if you have a mostly working model setup in the radio, then create a copy of it and work / program the copy so the original model file is preserved