Turn during transitions

Log here

I have a fairly beat up Skywalker X8 quadplane that I can’t get to transition to forward flight properly. When I switch from QLoiter to FBWA it takes off forward normally but then starts turning to the left even though the wings are level. If I let it go it will turn at least 180 degrees. I’ve tried to offset the turn by applying right aileron but this plane is quite heavy and needs a long distance to get up to speed. By this time it’s well off it’s flight path. Once it’s up to speed it seems to fly properly although right turns are slow.

I’m assuming the airframe has aerodynamic issues but I would think the flight controller could offset those better than I’m seeing given that I can fly it fairly normally once up to speed. I’m working on a replacement airframe as this one has been beat up doing tests for the last year but I’d be really interested to learn what the issue with transitions is if the log reveals anything obvious.

Thanks in advance for time and assistance.

Please post logs…

First two words in the post are a link to the log

whoops… It didn’t show that on my phone! i will take a look

Hi Darrell,

It looks like your Motor 4 (Right Rear) is behaving different from the others during the transition period. I’m not certain if this is cause or effect…but it is hitting a limit.


Well, that makes sense. Thank you very much for having a look. I’ve had a good look at the motor and can’t find any fault with it but I’ll run some further tests on it. I’m rebuilding the plane now which will make it easy to have a good look at it. Thanks again.