Turn around waypoint

Is it possible to stop the boat ( or car ) when we arrive at the waypoint or home point, because my boat turn around and never stop…
Thanks for your reply.

When your boat reaches the last waypoint of a mission, it should go into hold unless you have a command set for the waypoint in Mission Planner. On the Flight Plan screen, if you scroll to the last waypoint at the bottom, you should just see “WAYPOINT” in the Command column.

If that is all correct, then another possibility is that your outputs are not calibrated perfectly, so that when you are in Hold mode, the motors are spinning.

Thank for your reply. I have try with Qgroundcontrol and only 1 waypoint.
Moreover I have the same problem when the boat go to the position “Home”. When the boat arrive it turn around the position…

Can you simply put the boat in “Hold” mode and see what happens? The motors should stop. If they do not, you need to calibrate the servo outputs I believe.

Yes, I will try like this. Thanks you